GoManga Interactive

About us

GoManga is an independent team born in 2014 and legally founded in 2016 as GoManga Interactive di Luigi Squillante. The team is currently working on two projects: IDMTSS and NAPG

Our Team

Luigi Squillante

CEO and Founder

Francesco Pio Squillante

Lead Programmer

Francesco Carbone

Junior Programmer

Giovanni Messuti

Game Designer and Programmer

Domenico Nobile

3D Artist, Web Designer and Developer

Beatrice Iorio

Story lining and Translations


Francesco Segala - 2D Artist

Marina Cefola - 2D Artist

Giacomo Cubicciotti - Web Designer

Aurélien Montero - Audio Designer and Composer

Kevin Andrews - Writer

Flaminia Cavallari - 3D Artist

GoManga Interactive di Luigi Squillante

Registered office: Via Giovanni Pascoli, 1 Eboli (SA), P.IVA: 05509170659, gomanga@pec.it, info@gomanga.it, REA: SA-451427 | Blog