Announcing GoManga Originals Program

We are proud to announce that we are going to release several free playable demos during the following months. You already saw some pieces of our Narrative Universe, but it’s just the beginning.

We collaborated with several local schools to activate a full course over three years to develop a real VR game that fits in our Narrative Universe. We are going to show you the first tech demos created by our pupils, the GoMangians. Here’s what they’ve already created:

  • Kaos – A GoManga Original Game, developed by 3E – Liceo Scientifico “A. Gallotta”: a VR shooting game set in 2035, two years after the facts happened in Narcissic Pulse. You are going to impersonate Adam “Golden” Smith, a man who has been turned into a machine and forgot everything about his past. His only will is to escape the structure he is imprisoned in, no matter if it will need a severe lack of diplomacy.


  • Exsense – A GoManga Original Game, developed by 3F – Liceo Scientifico “A. Gallotta”: a VR tactical shooting game set in the same year of Kaos. An ex employed from the GoManga Technologies, Co. continues his research and creates several pills that can amplify human senses and a Russian veteran wants to use them in military field. Isaac, our main character, has to use his pills in order to escape from the spies. What would go wrong?


  • Brodstock Fall – A GoManga Original Game, developed by 3A – Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “E. Mattei – Fortunato”: a VR puzzle game set in Brodstock during the fall, 40 years before  Not Another Platform Game. Alex, the protagonist, has to stop Celeron before it could take over the city. Will his past interfere while stopping Celeron?

Go on GoMangians, we are very proud of you! Your creativity is our fuel!

A Textual Adventure – MathStudio Tutorial

Several weeks ago, we released the first stable version of MathStudio, our free technical IDE. Let’s play with some of the new built-in functions!

You can use GoManga MathStudio not only to make technical application. A new year is coming, and we know that it’s boring to talk about maths during the Christmas holidays, so in this blog post we are going to show how you can make a simple textual adventure using the MathStudio language.


Making a good introduction is one of the most important things to do when you make a textual adventure: it’s the first thing that the player sees! Choose your background and foreground color wisely. You can use the bcolor and the tcolor functions to do this.

Now it’s the time to introduce your player to your narrative universe: be creative! Use the wait function to improve the climax and even change text and/or background colors to make your adventure look beautiful.

After that it’s the time to code the game itself. What is your gameplay? Are you going to make your player choose between different choices? Are you going to make your player insert an action to do? Just be creative!

In the example below we make the player choose between several different choices using the switch construct. We are actually allowing the player to explore our envirorment:

output You are locked inside a classroom. You have to escape.
output Where are you going?
output 1 - To the door
output 2 - To the interactive whiteboard
output 3 - To the puzzle on the first table
output 4 - To the teaching post
output 5 - To the locker
output 6 - To the windows
outputl Your choice >
[choice] = input

switch {choice} then
    case 1 then
        output The door is closed. You have to find a different way to escape.
        output Press any key to go back...
        goto init
    case 2 then
        goto iwb
    case 3 then
        goto table
    case 4 then
        goto teachPost
    case 5 then
        goto locker
    case 6 then
        output The windows are to high to jump. You have to find a different way to escape.
        if {flashlight} = 0 then
            output There is a strange flashlight on the sill, it can be useful, so you pick up.
            [flashlight] = 1
        output Press any key to go back...
        goto init
    default then
        goto init

This is just a piece of our present for you: a free, playable and open source textual demo inspired by Narcissic Pulse, our new VR game.

Just dowload it for free and play it!


… and remember: “Enjoy this Christmas as if it was your last one”


Narcissic Pulse – Announce Trailer

It’s finally out!

Yesterday we shared on our socials the announce trailer of Narcissic Pulse, our new VR game. The trailer show some of the gameplay elements and also some pieces of the story: a mysterious school shooter  who refers to himself as The Narcissist took the whole New San Francisco High School hostage and forced several students to solve some puzzles and even kill each other. The player is gonna be the detective who tries to discover the identity of the Narcissist thanks to an Artificial Intelligence. The AI analyzes the evidence and provides an accurate VR simulation in order to live one of the hostages’ memories.

Why the Narcissist started his war against society?

It’s the year 2033. Several years ago, the USA annexed Canada, Greenland and some european countries which are not part of the European Union (now a federal state): Iceland, Britain and Norway. USA changed their name into North Atlantic Confederacy, becoming a libertarian confederacy and totally mutating the lifestyle in the annexed territories. The Narcissist’s school shooting is the synthesis of the libertarian society he live in: he wants to demostrate that people have become nothing but animals, killing each other to save their lives.

What happened to Not Another Platform Game?

Don’t worry, we are still working on it. Narcissic Pulse is setted in the same narrative universe: while in the District of Island, the Narcissist starts his war against humanity, in the District of Brodstock, Greenland, the Brodstock Institute of Technology is starting experimentation on Artificial Intelligence. Narcissic Pulse is a sort of prequel of Not Another Platform Game, which we are going to share some news about soon.

Marina Cefola – Behind the scenes

Marina, 20 (wasted) years.

Born in Romagna, I live in Piedmont since I was small and I study sculpture at the Brera Arts Accademy in Milan.
Although I love sculpting in 3D, I’m the team’s Concept Artist: my role is to design and draw envirorments, characters and whatnot, so that they will be modeled in 3D. I love to see my ideas take shape slowly, until they become real masterpieces. I’ve collaborated to the concepting of the Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth Anniversary Update and Not Another Platform Game.
I always run and I always have so many things to do because of my desire of experimentation and fortunately I’m always able to do everything!
It is thanks to this constant desire of discovery that I met the GoManga’s team: it all started like a game, who would have thought that I would become a key person of the team?

I hope you too will be excited with our new work as I am!


Flaminia Cavallari – Behind the scenes

The presentation of the team members continues!

Flaminia, 29 winters. I live and work in Rome as a 3D generalist and in the daily life I alternate my job with the the passion for comics and illustration. I’ve graduated to the IUDAV, the University of Videogames and Animation and I’ve worked on Insane Decay of Mind: The Sound of Silence as a character artist.
I met the guys from GoManga Interactive and their works on the web and they convinced me with their willfulness and skills; we started collaborating in remote and thanks to their talent it worked great: it’s a pleasure to be part of the team! 

We are currently working on something great and I’m sure that you’ll like our last effort!


Domenico Nobile – Behind the scenes

Domenico. 16.
I have been the modeler behind every GoManga Interactive game for more than three years: every robot you see in NAPG has been modeled by me. I’m also the one who has designed the new website of the team, and it took a long, long time because I’m a perfectionist and every detail should be impeccable. I like alternating 3D modeling to the piano: I love playing both classical music and modern music, alternating Chopin‘s pleasant notes to the evocative ones by Richard Wright by Pink Floyd. I really enjoyed the Half Life series and I’m pushing the game designers to make our games more similar to these modern masterpieces of art in the style meaning.
I’ve something to show you about my last work, but I’m waiting for everyone to introduce themselves before revealing what it is. Keep in touch!

Giovanni Messuti – Behind the scenes

Now it’s my turn.

My name’s Giovanni, I’m 19 years old and I have been part of the team since a year after its foundation. I’ve always loved to see the video games as a way to live an adventure, and I’ve been dreaming for years to make one. I am the main level designer of IDM:TSS and I have created much of the environment of the desolated city of Brodstock in NAPG. I love RPGs and I love the way they involve the player in their envirorment: it’s like a living vitual world just built to make you feel you’re inside it.

When I don’t design video games, I like to lose myself in the immense world of Arda described by Tolkien and relate to (dis)adventures of Middle-Earth main characters. I really enjoyed the cinematographic version of The Lord of the Rings and I’m very excited for the new game from the Middle-Earth series: The Shadow of War. I’m a geek in maths and I’ve graduated to the Liceo Gallotta High School and now I’m studing physics: hard subject for strong men!

In the next few weeks I’ll finally have a chance to show you what I’ve done with the team!


Francesco Carbone – Behind the scenes

Let’s go on introducing the GoManga Interactive’s team members!

This time it’s my turn: my name is Francesco Carbone, class ’98 and I’m part of the team since its foundation. I consider myself as an eclectic person: I live in the countryside and I love direct contact with nature and my animals, in the same way I like to code and design videogames. One year ago I’ve graduated last year at the Liceo Gallotta High School, Eboli, Italy and I started being part of the team sice it was founded. I’ve always wanted to know how games are made and that’s why I started programming: I’m the level designer behind Not Another Platform Game and also the programmer of several features of other games (take a look of this article for further information about what I did with the team).

When I don’t design the gameplay of our new videogames, I like to relax playing the timeless classic rock hits on my Epiphone SG: I love playing the notes written by the Eagles, Jimi Hendrix or the Pink Floyd and sometimes I play some songs with the whole team!

I hope you’ll like my last effort!


Francesco Pio Squillante – Behind the scenes

I know, we haven’t been keeping you up to date during these months, but this doesn’t mean that we are not working hard on our games, indeed we’re ready to tell you some hot news!
In the meantime we put the last things in place, we decided to show you who works behind the robot icon that identifies us since our birth in 2014. I start introducing myself: name’s Francesco Pio, I’m 19 and I’m the game designer and the programmer of NAPG and IDM:TSS as well as the responsible of the aseptic communication we’ve had so far on our Facebook page (maybe the term guilty is more accurate).

I’ve graduated last year at the Liceo Gallotta High School, Eboli, Italy, and I’m one of the founders of the GoManga Interactive team: I love videogames and I’ve always wanted to make one with my own hands, so, almost three years ago, with some of the most clever students of my school I started this adventure. After two years of hard work, we relased our first game, Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth and I’m currently working on several project; I’m also the developer of GoManga’s Free Technical IDE, GoManga MathStudio. Over the last few months I’ve twitched Twin Peaks to the game design so I can delight you with something new, which we’re going to show you very soon!
So start to keep an eye on our page, because we will have a lot to tell you in the coming days!


Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth Anniversary Update

Happy birthday Insane Decay of Mind!
It seems like yesterday, but we actually released Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth on May 6th, 2016: ours’ is officially a one-year-old videogame.
It started out as a crazy, creepy idea and now it’s available on Steam. Mental!
Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth is a horror arcade videogame whose protagonist is Katherine, a mysterious girl who wanders through the corridors of her own mind, desperately seeking for a way out.
But this is trickier than you might think: she has to face the Shadows, dark figures which will not let her pass so easily. Will Katherine get through this?
Childish Shadow
We are proud to announce some improvements that you will be able to appreciate in the Anniversary Update, ready to be released on this very special occasion. But let’s find out what this new update offers.
The final glitches that still affected the game will be fixed. The Shadows’ AI will be refined and it will be more likely to find Katherine in the random generated Labyrinth; Shadows’ presence in the bigger maps has been enhanced, too. Finally, new elements have been added to the game: for example, in order to make the Labyrinth more lively and enjoyable than ever, we are adding several random trigged events.
So what comes next? Maybe a room-scale adaptation of the game?
Make a wish, IDM! You’re grown up, now.