Giovanni Messuti – Behind the scenes

Now it’s my turn.

My name’s Giovanni, I’m 19 years old and I have been part of the team since a year after its foundation. I’ve always loved to see the video games as a way to live an adventure, and I’ve been dreaming for years to make one. I am the main level designer of IDM:TSS and I have created much of the environment of the desolated city of Brodstock in NAPG. I love RPGs and I love the way they involve the player in their envirorment: it’s like a living vitual world just built to make you feel you’re inside it.

When I don’t design video games, I like to lose myself in the immense world of Arda described by Tolkien and relate to (dis)adventures of Middle-Earth main characters. I really enjoyed the cinematographic version of The Lord of the Rings and I’m very excited for the new game from the Middle-Earth series: The Shadow of War. I’m a geek in maths and I’ve graduated to the Liceo Gallotta High School and now I’m studing physics: hard subject for strong men!

In the next few weeks I’ll finally have a chance to show you what I’ve done with the team!


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