Marina Cefola – Behind the scenes

Marina, 20 (wasted) years.

Born in Romagna, I live in Piedmont since I was small and I study sculpture at the Brera Arts Accademy in Milan.
Although I love sculpting in 3D, I’m the team’s Concept Artist: my role is to design and draw envirorments, characters and whatnot, so that they will be modeled in 3D. I love to see my ideas take shape slowly, until they become real masterpieces. I’ve collaborated to the concepting of the Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth Anniversary Update and Not Another Platform Game.
I always run and I always have so many things to do because of my desire of experimentation and fortunately I’m always able to do everything!
It is thanks to this constant desire of discovery that I met the GoManga’s team: it all started like a game, who would have thought that I would become a key person of the team?

I hope you too will be excited with our new work as I am!


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