Narcissic Pulse – Announce Trailer

It’s finally out!

Yesterday we shared on our socials the announce trailer of Narcissic Pulse, our new VR game. The trailer show some of the gameplay elements and also some pieces of the story: a mysterious school shooter  who refers to himself as The Narcissist took the whole New San Francisco High School hostage and forced several students to solve some puzzles and even kill each other. The player is gonna be the detective who tries to discover the identity of the Narcissist thanks to an Artificial Intelligence. The AI analyzes the evidence and provides an accurate VR simulation in order to live one of the hostages’ memories.

Why the Narcissist started his war against society?

It’s the year 2033. Several years ago, the USA annexed Canada, Greenland and some european countries which are not part of the European Union (now a federal state): Iceland, Britain and Norway. USA changed their name into North Atlantic Confederacy, becoming a libertarian confederacy and totally mutating the lifestyle in the annexed territories. The Narcissist’s school shooting is the synthesis of the libertarian society he live in: he wants to demostrate that people have become nothing but animals, killing each other to save their lives.

What happened to Not Another Platform Game?

Don’t worry, we are still working on it. Narcissic Pulse is setted in the same narrative universe: while in the District of Island, the Narcissist starts his war against humanity, in the District of Brodstock, Greenland, the Brodstock Institute of Technology is starting experimentation on Artificial Intelligence. Narcissic Pulse is a sort of prequel of Not Another Platform Game, which we are going to share some news about soon.

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