A closer look to NAPG's trailer

Get ready to join the Rebellion
The trailer of Not Another Platform Game was released on 22 November, 2017 and it gives us a taste of what’s coming next.Get ready to join the Rebellion


Not Another Platform Game is one of the projects GoManga Interactive team is currently working on.
It is a post-apocalyptic puzzle game that tells the story of Silver, a little robot, which you have to guide through the ruins of Brodstock after a war between Men and Machines has devastated it.
Will you choose to support the Fallens’ rebellion or will you give up to the Steel Mallet?


In the trailer, many elements we’ll find in the game will be shown.
Firstly, you’ll take a first tour in the city of Brodstock at the time the Machines took control of it; then you’ll also see the Factory, the Steel Mallet‘s headquarters, attacked by the Fallens.
In addition, the main characters of the game will be introduced: a brand new Lether, the mysterious ballad singer and Silver – the protagonist – together with his mate Buz.
Last but not least, in good NAPG style, the trailer has got a very peculiar soundtrack that will take your breath away…and this only a little taste of the whole game!

Check the trailer out here:

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