Flaminia Cavallari – Behind the scenes

The presentation of the team members continues!

Flaminia, 29 winters. I live and work in Rome as a 3D generalist and in the daily life I alternate my job with the the passion for comics and illustration. I’ve graduated to the IUDAV, the University of Videogames and Animation and I’ve worked on Insane Decay of Mind: The Sound of Silence as a character artist.
I met the guys from GoManga Interactive and their works on the web and they convinced me with their willfulness and skills; we started collaborating in remote and thanks to their talent it worked great: it’s a pleasure to be part of the team! 

We are currently working on something great and I’m sure that you’ll like our last effort!


Domenico Nobile – Behind the scenes

Domenico. 16.
I have been the modeler behind every GoManga Interactive game for more than three years: every robot you see in NAPG has been modeled by me. I’m also the one who has designed the new website of the team, and it took a long, long time because I’m a perfectionist and every detail should be impeccable. I like alternating 3D modeling to the piano: I love playing both classical music and modern music, alternating Chopin‘s pleasant notes to the evocative ones by Richard Wright by Pink Floyd. I really enjoyed the Half Life series and I’m pushing the game designers to make our games more similar to these modern masterpieces of art in the style meaning.
I’ve something to show you about my last work, but I’m waiting for everyone to introduce themselves before revealing what it is. Keep in touch!