Giovanni Messuti – Behind the scenes

Now it’s my turn.

My name’s Giovanni, I’m 19 years old and I have been part of the team since a year after its foundation. I’ve always loved to see the video games as a way to live an adventure, and I’ve been dreaming for years to make one. I am the main level designer of IDM:TSS and I have created much of the environment of the desolated city of Brodstock in NAPG. I love RPGs and I love the way they involve the player in their envirorment: it’s like a living vitual world just built to make you feel you’re inside it.

When I don’t design video games, I like to lose myself in the immense world of Arda described by Tolkien and relate to (dis)adventures of Middle-Earth main characters. I really enjoyed the cinematographic version of The Lord of the Rings and I’m very excited for the new game from the Middle-Earth series: The Shadow of War. I’m a geek in maths and I’ve graduated to the Liceo Gallotta High School and now I’m studing physics: hard subject for strong men!

In the next few weeks I’ll finally have a chance to show you what I’ve done with the team!


Francesco Pio Squillante – Behind the scenes

I know, we haven’t been keeping you up to date during these months, but this doesn’t mean that we are not working hard on our games, indeed we’re ready to tell you some hot news!
In the meantime we put the last things in place, we decided to show you who works behind the robot icon that identifies us since our birth in 2014. I start introducing myself: name’s Francesco Pio, I’m 19 and I’m the game designer and the programmer of NAPG and IDM:TSS as well as the responsible of the aseptic communication we’ve had so far on our Facebook page (maybe the term guilty is more accurate).

I’ve graduated last year at the Liceo Gallotta High School, Eboli, Italy, and I’m one of the founders of the GoManga Interactive team: I love videogames and I’ve always wanted to make one with my own hands, so, almost three years ago, with some of the most clever students of my school I started this adventure. After two years of hard work, we relased our first game, Insane Decay of Mind: The Labyrinth and I’m currently working on several project; I’m also the developer of GoManga’s Free Technical IDE, GoManga MathStudio. Over the last few months I’ve twitched Twin Peaks to the game design so I can delight you with something new, which we’re going to show you very soon!
So start to keep an eye on our page, because we will have a lot to tell you in the coming days!


Silence is back in development


Remember Insane Decay of Mind: The Sound of Silence, one of the projects GoManga Interactive is currently working on? Whether you do or not, check out the teaser that has been released on the YouTube channel just yesterday.

The Second Act of this disturbing interactive novel is still in development, whereas the first will be released soon. During the last year, these projects have been interrupted because of the release of Insane Decay of Mind, an arcade spin-off available on Steam. But now they are back, ready to torment you to death.


If you want to live a tormented adventure in a dark and creepy atomosphere, join Katherine Watson on her way. She is lost in the ruins of an old building which really resembles her school. But what happened to her? What are those terrible Shadows around her?

To find out, you will have to wait – not too much, don’t freak out – but in the teaser you’ll be able to see some frames of this mad story.

You’ll also be abe to see Katherine’s home, surrounded by a golden, immense field. She lived in such a beautiful place, didn’t she? It is called Goldenyard. But even the most peaceful places keep their own secrets…

Are you ready to get insane?