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MathStudio.Core.UI Namespace

GoManga MathStudio UI Module (strong-named assembly). Contains components for the Editor UI.
Public classAutocompleteItem
Item of autocomplete menu
Public classAutocompleteListView
Public classAutocompleteMenu
Popup menu for autocomplete
Public classAutoIndentEventArgs
Public classBaseBookmarks
Base class for bookmark collection
Public classBookmark
Bookmark of MathStudioTextBox
Public classBookmarks
Collection of bookmarks
Public classClearSelectedCommand
Clear selected text
Public classCollapseFoldingMarker
Public classCommand
Public classCommandManager
Public classCustomActionEventArgs
CustomAction event args
Public classDocumentMap
Shows document map of MSTB
Public classEncodingDetector
Public classExpandFoldingMarker
Public classExportToHTML
Exports colored text as HTML
Public classExportToRTF
Exports colored text as RTF
Public classFileTextSource
This class contains the source text (chars and styles). It stores a text lines, the manager of commands, undo/redo stack, styles.
Public classFindForm
Public classFoldedAreaMarker
Public classFoldedBlockStyle
Renderer for folded block
Public classFoldingDesc
Public classGoToForm
Public classHint
Hint of MathStudioTextBox
Public classHintClickEventArgs
HintClick event args
Public classHints
Collection of Hints. This is temporary buffer for currently displayed hints.
Public classHotkeysEditorForm
Public classHotkeysMapping
Dictionary of shortcuts for MSTB
Public classInsertCharCommand
Insert single char
Public classInsertTextCommand
Insert text
Public classLimitedStackT
Limited stack
Public classLine
Line of text
Public classLineInsertedEventArgs
Public classLineNeededEventArgs
Public classLinePushedEventArgs
Public classLineRemovedEventArgs
Public classLinesAccessor
Public classMacrosManager
This class records, stores and executes the macros.
Public classMarkerStyle
Marker style Draws background color for text
Public classMathStudioTextBox
Fast colored textbox
Public classMethodAutocompleteItem
This autocomplete item appears after dot
Public classMultiRangeCommand
Wrapper for multirange commands
Public classPaintLineEventArgs
Public classPlatformType
Public classPrintDialogSettings
Public classRange
Diapason of text chars
Public classReadOnlyStyle
This style is used to mark range of text as ReadOnly block
Public classRemoveLinesCommand
Removes lines
Public classReplaceForm
Public classReplaceMultipleTextCommand
Replaces text
Public classReplaceMultipleTextCommandReplaceRange
Public classReplaceTextCommand
Insert text into given ranges
Public classRTFStyleDescriptor
Public classRuleDesc
Public classRuler
Public classSelectCommand
Remembers current selection and restore it after Undo
Public classSelectedEventArgs
Public classSelectingEventArgs
Public classSelectionStyle
Renderer for selected area
Public classServiceColors
Public classShortcutStyle
Draws small rectangle for popup menu
Public classSnippetAutocompleteItem
Autocomplete item for code snippets
Public classStyle
Style of chars
Public classStyleVisualMarker
Public classSuggestItem
This Item does not check correspondence to current text fragment. SuggestItem is intended for dynamic menus.
Public classSyntaxDescriptor
Public classSyntaxHighlighter
Public classTextChangedEventArgs
TextChanged event argument
Public classTextChangingEventArgs
Public classTextSource
This class contains the source text (chars and styles). It stores a text lines, the manager of commands, undo/redo stack, styles.
Public classTextSourceTextChangedEventArgs
Public classTextStyle
Style for chars rendering This renderer can draws chars, with defined fore and back colors
Public classToolTipNeededEventArgs
ToolTipNeeded event args
Public classUndoableCommand
Public classUnfocusablePanel
Public classVisualMarker
Public classVisualMarkerEventArgs
Public classWavyLineStyle
This style draws a wavy line below a given text range.
Public classWordWrapNeededEventArgs
Public structureChar
Char and style
Public structureLineInfo
Public structurePlace
Line index and char index
Public structureRangeRect
Public enumerationBracketsHighlightStrategy
Strategy of search of brackets to highlighting
Public enumerationCompareResult
Public enumerationFindEndOfFoldingBlockStrategy
Strategy of search of end of folding block
Public enumerationHighlightingRangeType
Type of highlighting
Public enumerationIndentMarker
Public enumerationLanguage
Public enumerationMSTBAction
Actions for shortcuts
Public enumerationPlatform
Public enumerationScrollDirection
Public enumerationStyleIndex
Style index mask (16 styles)
Public enumerationTextAreaBorderType
Public enumerationVisibleState
Public enumerationWordWrapMode