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MathStudioTextBox Class

Fast colored textbox
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MathStudio.Core.UI
Assembly:  MathStudio.Core.UI (in MathStudio.Core.UI.dll) Version: 1.0.6611.39599 (
public class MathStudioTextBox : UserControl, 

The MathStudioTextBox type exposes the following members.

Public methodMathStudioTextBox
Public propertyAcceptsReturn
Indicates if return characters are accepted as input
Public propertyAcceptsTab
Indicates if tab characters are accepted as input
Public propertyAccessibilityObject (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleDefaultActionDescription (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleDescription (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleRole (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyActiveControl (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAllowDrop
Allows drag and drop
(Overrides ControlAllowDrop.)
Public propertyAllowMacroRecording
Allows to record macros.
Public propertyAllowSeveralTextStyleDrawing
Allows text rendering several styles same time.
Public propertyAnchor (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyStatic memberAssemblyVersion
Public propertyAutoCompleteBrackets
AutoComplete brackets
Public propertyAutoCompleteBracketsList
Public propertyAutoIndent
Allows AutoIndent. Inserts spaces before new line.
Public propertyAutoIndentChars
Enables AutoIndentChars mode
Public propertyAutoIndentCharsPatterns
Regex patterns for AutoIndentChars (one regex per line)
Public propertyAutoIndentExistingLines
Does autoindenting in existing lines. It works only if AutoIndent is True.
Public propertyAutoScaleDimensions (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected propertyAutoScaleFactor (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAutoScaleMode (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAutoScroll
Do not change this property
(Overrides ScrollableControlAutoScroll.)
Public propertyAutoScrollMargin (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoScrollMinSize
Public propertyAutoScrollOffset (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAutoScrollPosition (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoSize (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyAutoSizeMode (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyAutoValidate (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyBackBrush
Background brush. If Null then BackColor is used.
Public propertyBackColor
Background color. It is used if BackBrush is null.
(Overrides ControlBackColor.)
Public propertyBackgroundImage (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBackgroundImageLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBindingContext (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyBookmarkColor
Color of bookmarks
Public propertyBookmarks
Public propertyBorderStyle (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyBottom (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBounds (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBracketsHighlightStrategy
Strategy of search of brackets to highlighting
Public propertyBracketsStyle
Style for brackets highlighting
Public propertyBracketsStyle2
Style for alternative brackets highlighting
Protected propertyCanEnableIme (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyCanFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyCanRaiseEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCanSelect (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCapture (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCaretBlinking
Enables caret blinking
Public propertyCaretColor
Color of caret
Public propertyCaretVisible
Shows or hides the caret
Public propertyCausesValidation (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyChangedLineColor
Background color for highlighting of changed lines
Public propertyCharHeight
Height of char in pixels (includes LineInterval)
Public propertyCharWidth
Width of char in pixels
Public propertyClientRectangle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyClientSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCommentPrefix
Comment line prefix.
Public propertyCompanyName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContainer (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyContainsFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContextMenu (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContextMenuStrip (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControls (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyCreateParams (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentAutoScaleDimensions (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyCurrentLineColor
Background color for current line
Public propertyCursor (Overrides ControlCursor.)
Public propertyDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultImeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMaximumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMinimumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultPadding (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultSize (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyDefaultStyle
Default text style This style is using when no one other TextStyle is not defined in
Public propertyDelayedEventsInterval
Minimal delay(ms) for delayed events (except TextChangedDelayed).
Public propertyDelayedTextChangedInterval
Minimal delay(ms) for TextChangedDelayed event.
Public propertyDescriptionFile
XML file with description of syntax highlighting. This property works only with Language == Language.Custom.
Protected propertyDesignMode (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyDisabledColor
Color of disabled component
Public propertyDisplayRectangle (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyDisposing (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyDock (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyDockPadding (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected propertyDoubleBuffered (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyEndFoldingLine
End line index of current highlighted folding area. Return -1 if end of area is not found.
Protected propertyEvents (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyFileName
The current editing file name
Public propertyFilePath
The current editing file path (if already saved)
Public propertyFindEndOfFoldingBlockStrategy
Strategy of search of end of folding block
Public propertyfindForm
Public propertyFocused (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyFoldedBlocks
Contains UniqueId of start lines of folded blocks
Public propertyFoldedBlockStyle
Style for folded block rendering
Public propertyFoldingIndicatorColor
Color of folding area indicator
Public propertyFont
(Overrides ControlFont.)
Protected propertyFontHeight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyForeColor
Fore color (default style color)
(Overrides ControlForeColor.)
Public propertyHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHasChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHasSourceTextBox
Public propertyHeight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHighlightFoldingIndicator
Enables folding indicator (left vertical line between folding bounds)
Public propertyHighlightingRangeType
This property specifies which part of the text will be highlighted as you type (by built-in highlighter).
Public propertyHints
Collection of Hints. This is temporary buffer for currently displayed hints.
Public propertyHorizontalScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyHotkeys
Hotkeys. Do not use this property in your code, use HotkeysMapping property.
Public propertyHotkeysMapping
Hotkeys mapping
Protected propertyHScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyHtml
Gets colored text as HTML
Public propertyImeAllowed
Indicates that IME is allowed (for CJK language entering)
Public propertyImeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyImeModeBase (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIndentBackColor
Background color of indent area
Public propertyInvokeRequired (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsAccessible (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsChanged
Text was changed
Public propertyIsDisposed (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsHandleCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsMirrored (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsReplaceMode
Is keyboard in replace mode (wide caret) ?
Public propertyItemInt32
Gets Line
Public propertyItemPlace
Gets or sets char and styleId for given place This property does not fire OnTextChanged event
Public propertyLanguage
Language for highlighting by built-in highlighter.
Public propertyLayoutEngine (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLeft (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLeftBracket
Opening bracket for brackets highlighting. Set to '\x0' for disable brackets highlighting.
Public propertyLeftBracket2
Alternative opening bracket for brackets highlighting. Set to '\x0' for disable brackets highlighting.
Public propertyLeftBracketPosition
Position of left highlighted bracket.
Public propertyLeftBracketPosition2
Position of left highlighted alternative bracket.
Public propertyLeftIndent
Left distance to text beginning
Public propertyLeftPadding
Left padding in pixels
Public propertyLineInterval
Interval between lines (in pixels)
Public propertyLineNumberColor
Color of line numbers.
Public propertyLineNumberStartValue
Start value of first line number.
Public propertyLines
Text lines
Public propertyLinesCount
Count of lines
Public propertyLocation (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMacrosManager
MacrosManager records, stores and executes the macroses
Public propertyMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMaximumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMinimumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMultiline
Public propertyName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyPadding
--Do not use this property--
Public propertyPaddingBackColor
Background color of padding area
Public propertyPaddings
Padings of text area
Public propertyParent (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyParentForm (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyPreferredLineWidth
This property draws vertical line after defined char position. Set to 0 for disable drawing of vertical line.
Public propertyPreferredSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyProductName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyProductVersion (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRange
Range of all text
Public propertyReadOnly
Read only
Public propertyRecreatingHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRedoEnabled
Is redo enabled?
Public propertyRegion (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyRenderRightToLeft Obsolete. (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyreplaceForm
Public propertyReservedCountOfLineNumberChars
Reserved space for line number characters. If smaller than needed (e. g. line count >= 10 and this value set to 1) this value will have no impact. If you want to reserve space, e. g. for line numbers >= 10 or >= 100 than you can set this value to 2 or 3 or higher.
Protected propertyResizeRedraw (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRightBracket
Closing bracket for brackets highlighting. Set to '\x0' for disable brackets highlighting.
Public propertyRightBracket2
Alternative closing bracket for brackets highlighting. Set to '\x0' for disable brackets highlighting.
Public propertyRightBracketPosition
Position of right highlighted bracket.
Public propertyRightBracketPosition2
Position of right highlighted alternative bracket.
Public propertyRightToLeft
Public propertyRtf
Gets colored text as RTF
Protected propertyScaleChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySelectedText
Text of current selection
Public propertySelection
Current selection range
Public propertySelectionColor
Color of selected area
Public propertySelectionHighlightingForLineBreaksEnabled
If true then line breaks included into the selection will be selected too. Then line breaks will be shown as selected blank character.
Public propertySelectionLength
Length of selected text
Public propertySelectionStart
Start position of selection
Public propertySelectionStyle
Style for rendering Selection area
Public propertyServiceColors
Colors of some service visual markers
Public propertyServiceLinesColor
Color of service lines (folding lines, borders of blocks etc.)
Protected propertyShowFocusCues (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyShowFoldingLines
Shows vertical lines between folding start line and folding end line.
Protected propertyShowKeyboardCues (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyShowLineNumbers
Shows line numbers.
Public propertyShowScrollBars
Public propertySite (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySourceTextBox
The source of the text. Allows to get text from other MathStudioTextBox.
Public propertyStartFoldingLine
Start line index of current highlighted folding area. Return -1 if start of area is not found.
Public propertyStyles
Public propertySyntaxHighlighter
Syntax Highlighter
Public propertyTabIndex (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTabLength
Spaces count for tab
Public propertyTabStop (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTag (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyText
Text of control
(Overrides UserControlText.)
Public propertyTextAreaBorder
Type of border of text area
Public propertyTextAreaBorderColor
Color of border of text area
Public propertyTextAreaRect
Rectangle where located text
Public propertyTextLength
Public propertyTextSource
Public propertyTextVersion
Text version
Public propertyToolTip
ToolTip component
Public propertyToolTipDelay
Delay (ms) of ToolTip
Public propertyTop (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTopLevelControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyUndoEnabled
Is undo enabled?
Public propertyUseWaitCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyVerticalScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyVirtualSpace
Enables virtual spaces
Public propertyVisible (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyVisibleRange
Returns current visible range of text
Protected propertyVScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyWideCaret
Wide caret
Public propertyWidth (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyWindowTarget (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyWordWrap
Public propertyWordWrapAutoIndent
Automatically shifts secondary wordwrap lines on the shift amount of the first line
Public propertyWordWrapIndent
Indent of secondary wordwrap lines (in chars)
Public propertyWordWrapMode
WordWrap mode.
Public propertyZoom
Zooming (in percentages)
Protected methodAccessibilityNotifyClients(AccessibleEvents, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodAccessibilityNotifyClients(AccessibleEvents, Int32, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodAddHint(Range, String)
Add and shows simple text hint
Public methodAddHint(Range, Control)
Add and shows the hint
Public methodAddHint(Range, String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
Add and shows simple text hint
Public methodAddHint(Range, Control, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
Add and shows the hint
Public methodAddStyle
Add new style
Public methodAddVisualMarker
Public methodAdjustFolding
Collapse folding blocks using FoldedBlocks dictionary.
Protected methodAdjustFormScrollbars (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodAppendText(String)
Append string to end of the Text
Public methodAppendText(String, Style)
Append string to end of the Text
Public methodBeginAutoUndo
Begins AutoUndo block. All changes of text between BeginAutoUndo() and EndAutoUndo() will be canceled in one operation Undo.
Public methodBeginInvoke(Delegate) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodBeginInvoke(Delegate, Object) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodBeginUpdate
Call this method before multiple text changing
Public methodBookmarkLine
Bookmarks line
Public methodBringToFront (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodCalcAutoIndent
Returns needed start space count for the line
Public methodStatic memberCalcCutOffs
Calculates wordwrap cutoffs
Public methodChangeFontSize
Protected methodCheckAndChangeSelectionType
Public methodClear
Clear text, styles, history, caches
Public methodClearCurrentLine
Deletes current line(s)
Public methodClearHints
Removes all hints
Public methodClearSelected
Deletes selected chars
Public methodClearStyle
Clear style of all text
Public methodClearStylesBuffer
Clear buffer of styles
Public methodClearUndo
Clears undo and redo stacks
Public methodCloseBindingFile
Close file binding mode
Public methodCollapseAllFoldingBlocks
Collapses all folding blocks
Public methodCollapseBlock
Collapse text block
Public methodCollapseFoldingBlock
Collapses folding block
Public methodCommentSelected
Insert/remove comment prefix into selected lines
Public methodCommentSelected(String)
Insert/remove comment prefix into selected lines
Public methodContains (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodCopy
Copy selected text into Clipboard
Protected methodCreateAccessibilityInstance (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodCreateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodCreateControlsInstance (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodCreateGraphics (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodCreateHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodCreateObjRef (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected methodCreateTextSource
Public methodCut
Cut selected text into Clipboard
Public methodDecreaseIndent
Remove TAB from front of seletcted lines.
Protected methodDecreaseIndentOfSingleLine
Remove TAB in front of the caret ot the selected line.
Protected methodDefWndProc (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodDestroyHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodDispose (Inherited from Component.)
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)
Releases the unmanaged resources used by the MathStudioTextBox and optionally releases the managed resources
(Overrides ContainerControlDispose(Boolean).)
Public methodDoAutoIndent
Insert autoindents into selected lines
Public methodDoAutoIndent(Int32)
Inserts autoindent's spaces in the line
Public methodDoAutoIndentChars(Int32)
Do AutoIndentChars
Protected methodDoAutoIndentChars(Int32, Regex)
Public methodDoAutoIndentIfNeed
Public methodDoCaretVisible
Scroll control for display caret
Public methodDoDragDrop(Object, DragDropEffects) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodDoDragDrop(Place, String)
Public methodDoRangeVisible(Range)
Scroll control for display given range
Public methodDoRangeVisible(Range, Boolean)
Scroll control for display given range
Public methodDoSelectionVisible
Scroll control for display selection area
Protected methodDrawFoldingLines
Public methodDrawText
Draws text to given Graphics
Public methodDrawToBitmap (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodEndAutoUndo
Ends AutoUndo block. All changes of text between BeginAutoUndo() and EndAutoUndo() will be canceled in one operation Undo.
Public methodEndInvoke (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodEndUpdate
Call this method after multiple text changing
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodExpandAllFoldingBlocks
Exapnds all folded blocks
Public methodExpandBlock(Int32)
Expand collapsed block
Public methodExpandBlock(Int32, Int32)
Expand collapsed block
Public methodExpandFoldedBlock
Exapnds folded block
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Component.)
Protected methodFindChar
Finds given char after current caret position, moves the caret to found pos.
Protected methodFindEndOfFoldingBlock
Public methodFindForm (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodFindLines
Search lines by regex pattern
Public methodFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodGetAccessibilityObjectById (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodGetAutoSizeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetBracketsRange
Returns range between brackets (or null if not found)
Public methodStatic memberGetCharSize
Public methodGetChildAtPoint(Point) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetChildAtPoint(Point, GetChildAtPointSkip) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetContainerControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public methodGetLine
Get range of line
Public methodGetLineFoldingEndMarker
End foilding marker for the line
Public methodGetLineFoldingStartMarker
Start foilding marker for the line
Public methodGetLineLength
Gets length of given line
Public methodGetLineText
Get text of given line
Protected methodGetMaxStartSpacesCount
Protected methodGetMinStartSpacesCount
Public methodGetNextControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetPreferredSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetRange(Int32, Int32)
Get range of text
Public methodGetRange(Place, Place)
Get range of text
Public methodGetRanges(String)
Finds ranges for given regex pattern
Public methodGetRanges(String, RegexOptions)
Finds ranges for given regex pattern
Protected methodGetScaledBounds (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodGetScrollState (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodGetService (Inherited from Component.)
Protected methodGetStyle (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetStyleIndex
Returns index of the style in Styles -1 otherwise
Public methodGetStyleIndexMask
Returns StyleIndex mask of given styles
Public methodGetStylesOfChar
Returns list of styles of given place
Protected methodGetTopLevel (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetVisibleState
Returns VisibleState of the line
Public methodGoEnd
Move caret to end of text
Public methodGoHome
Move caret to first position
Public methodGotoNextBookmark
Scrolls to nearest bookmark or to first bookmark
Public methodGotoPrevBookmark
Scrolls to nearest previous bookmark or to last bookmark
Public methodHide (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodStatic memberImmAssociateContext
Public methodStatic memberImmGetContext
Public methodIncreaseIndent
Insert TAB into front of seletcted lines.
Public methodInitializeLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected methodInitLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInitTextSource
Protected methodInsertChar
Public methodInsertLinePrefix
Insert prefix into front of seletcted lines
Public methodInsertText(String)
Insert text into current selected position
Public methodInsertText(String, Style)
Insert text into current selection position (with predefined style)
Public methodInsertText(String, Boolean)
Insert text into current selected position
Public methodInsertText(String, Style, Boolean)
Insert text into current selection position (with predefined style)
Public methodInsertTextAndRestoreSelection
Insert text into replaceRange and restore previous selection
Public methodInvalidate
Invalidates the entire surface of the control and causes the control to be redrawn. This method is thread safe and does not require Invoke.
Public methodInvalidate(Region) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvalidate(Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvalidate(Rectangle) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvalidate(Region, Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvalidate(Rectangle, Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvoke(Delegate) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodInvoke(Delegate, Object) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInvokeGotFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInvokeLostFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInvokeOnClick (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInvokePaint (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodInvokePaintBackground (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodStatic memberIsCJKLetter
Protected methodIsInputChar (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodIsInputKey (Overrides ControlIsInputKey(Keys).)
Public methodStatic memberLog
Saves a log in a text file "log.txt"
Public methodLowerCase
Convert selected text to lower case
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone(Boolean) (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public methodMoveSelectedLinesDown
Moves selected lines down
Public methodMoveSelectedLinesUp
Moves selected lines up
Public methodNavigate
Navigates to defined line, without Line.LastVisit reseting
Public methodNavigateBackward
Navigates backward (by Line.LastVisit property)
Public methodNavigateForward
Navigates forward (by Line.LastVisit property)
Public methodNeedRecalc
Call this method if the recalc of the position of lines is needed.
Public methodNeedRecalc(Boolean)
Call this method if the recalc of the position of lines is needed.
Public methodNeedRecalc(Boolean, Boolean)
Call this method if the recalc of the position of lines is needed.
Protected methodNotifyInvalidate (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnAutoSizeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnAutoValidateChanged (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodOnBackColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnBackgroundImageChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnBindingContextChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnCausesValidationChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnChangeUICues (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnCharSizeChanged
Protected methodOnClick (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnClientSizeChanged (Overrides ControlOnClientSizeChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnContextMenuChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnContextMenuStripChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnControlAdded (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnControlRemoved (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnCreateClipboardData
Protected methodOnCreateControl (Inherited from UserControl.)
Protected methodOnCursorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnCustomAction
Protected methodOnDockChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnDragDrop (Overrides ControlOnDragDrop(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragEnter (Overrides ControlOnDragEnter(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragLeave (Overrides ControlOnDragLeave(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragOver (Overrides ControlOnDragOver(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnEnabledChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnEnter (Overrides ControlOnEnter(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnFoldingHighlightChanged
Protected methodOnFontChanged (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodOnForeColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnGiveFeedback (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnGotFocus (Overrides ControlOnGotFocus(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHandleCreated (Overrides ControlOnHandleCreated(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHandleDestroyed (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnHelpRequested (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodOnHintClick
Occurs when user click on the hint
Protected methodOnImeModeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnInvalidated (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnKeyDown (Overrides ControlOnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnKeyPress (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodOnKeyPressed
Public methodOnKeyPressing
Protected methodOnKeyUp (Overrides ControlOnKeyUp(KeyEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLayout (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodOnLeave (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnLoad (Overrides UserControlOnLoad(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLocationChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnLostFocus (Overrides ControlOnLostFocus(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMarginChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnMarkerClick
Protected methodOnMarkerDoubleClick
Protected methodOnMouseCaptureChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnMouseClick (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnMouseDoubleClick (Overrides ControlOnMouseDoubleClick(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseDown (Overrides UserControlOnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseEnter (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnMouseHover (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnMouseLeave (Overrides ControlOnMouseLeave(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseMove (Overrides ControlOnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseUp (Overrides ControlOnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseWheel (Overrides ScrollableControlOnMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMove (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnNotifyMessage (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnPaddingChanged (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodOnPaint
Draw control
(Overrides ControlOnPaint(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaintBackground (Overrides ScrollableControlOnPaintBackground(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaintLine
Protected methodOnParentBackColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentBackgroundImageChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentBindingContextChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodOnParentCursorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentEnabledChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentFontChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentForeColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentRightToLeftChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnParentVisibleChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnPreviewKeyDown (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnPrint (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnQueryContinueDrag (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnRegionChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnResize (Inherited from UserControl.)
Protected methodOnRightToLeftChanged (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodOnScroll(ScrollEventArgs) (Overrides ScrollableControlOnScroll(ScrollEventArgs).)
Public methodOnScroll(ScrollEventArgs, Boolean)
Protected methodOnScrollbarsUpdated
Public methodOnSelectionChanged
Fires SelectionChanged event
Public methodOnSelectionChangedDelayed
Protected methodOnSizeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnStyleChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodOnSyntaxHighlight
Protected methodOnSystemColorsChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnTabIndexChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnTabStopChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodOnTextChanged
Fires TextChanged event
Protected methodOnTextChanged(EventArgs) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodOnTextChanged(Range)
Fires TextChanged event
Protected methodOnTextChanged(TextChangedEventArgs)
Fires TextChanged event
Public methodOnTextChanged(Int32, Int32)
Fires TextChanged event
Public methodOnTextChangedDelayed
Public methodOnTextChanging
Public methodOnTextChanging(String)
Fires TextChanging event
Protected methodOnToolTip
Public methodOnUndoRedoStateChanged
Occurs when undo/redo stack is changed
Protected methodOnValidated (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnValidating (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnVisibleChanged (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public methodOnVisibleRangeChanged
Occurs when VisibleRange is changed
Public methodOnVisibleRangeChangedDelayed
Public methodOnVisualMarkerClick
Protected methodOnZoomChanged
Public methodOpenBindingFile
Open file binding mode
Public methodOpenFile(String)
Open text file (with automatic encoding detector)
Public methodOpenFile(String, Encoding)
Open text file
Public methodPaste
Paste text from clipboard into selected position
Public methodPerformAutoScale (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodPerformLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPerformLayout(Control, String) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPlaceToPoint
Gets point for given line and char position
Public methodPlaceToPosition
Gets absolute text position from line and char position
Public methodPointToClient (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPointToPlace
Gets nearest line and char position from coordinates
Public methodPointToPosition
Gets nearest absolute text position for given point
Public methodPointToScreen (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPositionToPlace
Gets line and char position from absolute text position
Public methodPositionToPoint
Gets absolute char position from char position
Public methodStatic memberPrepareHtmlForClipboard
Protected methodPrepareHtmlText
Public methodPreProcessControlMessage (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPreProcessMessage (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodPrint
Prints all text, without any dialog windows
Public methodPrint(PrintDialogSettings)
Prints all text
Public methodPrint(Range, PrintDialogSettings)
Prints range of text
Protected methodProcessCmdKey (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodProcessDialogChar (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodProcessDialogKey (Overrides ContainerControlProcessDialogKey(Keys).)
Public methodProcessKey(Keys)
Process control keys
Public methodProcessKey(Char, Keys)
Process "real" keys (no control)
Protected methodProcessKeyEventArgs (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodProcessKeyMessage (Overrides ControlProcessKeyMessage(Message).)
Protected methodProcessKeyPreview (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodProcessMnemonic (Overrides ContainerControlProcessMnemonic(Char).)
Protected methodProcessTabKey (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected methodRaiseDragEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRaiseKeyEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRaiseMouseEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRaisePaintEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRecalcFoldingLines
Protected methodRecreateHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRectangleToClient (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRectangleToScreen (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRedo
Public methodRefresh (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRemoveLinePrefix
Remove prefix from front of selected lines This method ignores forward spaces of the line
Public methodRemoveLines
Removes given lines
Public methodResetBackColor (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetFont (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetForeColor (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetImeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodResetMouseEventArgs (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetRightToLeft (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResetText (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResumeLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResumeLayout(Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateAlignment(HorizontalAlignment) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateAlignment(LeftRightAlignment) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateAlignment(ContentAlignment) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateContent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateHorizontal (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRtlTranslateLeftRight (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSaveToFile
Save text to the file
Public methodScale(Single) Obsolete. (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodScale(SizeF) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodScale(Single, Single) Obsolete. (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodScaleControl (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodScaleCore (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public methodScrollControlIntoView (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public methodScrollLeft
Scroll control left
Protected methodScrollToControl (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public methodSelect (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSelect(Boolean, Boolean) (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodSelectAll
Select all chars of text
Public methodSelectNext
Selectes next fragment for given regex.
Public methodSelectNextControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSendToBack (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSentenceCase
Convert selected text to sentence case
Public methodSetAutoScrollMargin (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodSetAutoSizeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSetBounds(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSetBounds(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, BoundsSpecified) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSetBoundsCore (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSetClientSizeCore (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSetClipboard
Protected methodSetDisplayRectLocation (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodSetScrollState (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected methodSetStyle (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSetTopLevel (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSetVisibleCore (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSetVisibleState
Set VisibleState of line
Public methodShow (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodShowFindDialog
Shows find dialog
Public methodShowFindDialog(String)
Shows find dialog
Public methodShowGoToDialog
Shows Goto dialog form
Public methodShowReplaceDialog
Shows replace dialog
Public methodShowReplaceDialog(String)
Shows replace dialog
Protected methodSizeFromClientSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSuspendLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodTitleCase
Convert selected text to title case
Public methodToString (Inherited from Component.)
Public methodUnbookmarkLine
Unbookmarks current line
Public methodUndo
Undo last operation
Public methodUpdate (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodUpdateBounds (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodUpdateBounds(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodUpdateBounds(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodUpdateDefaultButton (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodUpdateScrollbars
Updates scrollbar position after Value changed
Protected methodUpdateStyles (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodUpdateZOrder (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodUpperCase
Convert selected text to upper case
Public methodValidate (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodValidate(Boolean) (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public methodValidateChildren (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public methodValidateChildren(ValidationConstraints) (Inherited from UserControl.)
Protected methodWndProc (Overrides UserControlWndProc(Message).)
Public eventAutoIndentNeeded
It occurs when calculates AutoIndent for new line
Public eventAutoSizeChanged (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public eventAutoValidateChanged (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public eventBackColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventBackgroundImageChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventBackgroundImageLayoutChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventBindingContextChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventCausesValidationChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventChangeUICues (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventClick (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventClientSizeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventContextMenuChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventContextMenuStripChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventControlAdded (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventControlRemoved (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventCursorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventCustomAction
Occurs when user pressed key, that specified as CustomAction
Public eventDisposed (Inherited from Component.)
Public eventDockChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDragDrop (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDragEnter (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDragLeave (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDragOver (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventEnabledChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventEnter (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventFoldingHighlightChanged
Occurs when current highlighted folding area is changed. Current folding area see in StartFoldingLine and EndFoldingLine.
Public eventFontChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventForeColorChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventGiveFeedback (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventGotFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventHandleCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventHandleDestroyed (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventHelpRequested (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventHintClick
HintClick event. It occurs if user click on the hint.
Public eventImeModeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventInvalidated (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventKeyDown (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventKeyPress (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventKeyPressed
It occurs when visible char is enetered (alphabetic, digit, punctuation, DEL, BACKSPACE)
Public eventKeyPressing
It occurs when visible char is enetering (alphabetic, digit, punctuation, DEL, BACKSPACE)
Public eventKeyUp (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventLeave (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventLineInserted
Occurs when line was inserted/added
Public eventLineRemoved
Occurs when line was removed
Public eventLoad (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public eventLocationChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventLostFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMarginChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseCaptureChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseClick (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseDoubleClick (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseDown (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseEnter (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseHover (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseLeave (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseMove (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseUp (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMouseWheel (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventMove (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventPaddingChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventPaint (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventPaintLine
It occurs when line background is painting
Public eventParentChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventPasting
Occurs when user paste text from clipboard
Public eventPreviewKeyDown (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventQueryAccessibilityHelp (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventQueryContinueDrag (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventRegionChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventResize (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventRightToLeftChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public eventScrollbarsUpdated
Occurs when scroolbars are updated
Public eventSelectionChanged
SelectionChanged event. It occurs after changing of selection.
Public eventSelectionChangedDelayed
SelectionChangedDelayed event. It occurs after changing of selection. This event occurs with a delay relative to SelectionChanged, and fires only once.
Public eventSizeChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventStyleChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventSystemColorsChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventTabIndexChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventTabStopChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventTextChanged
TextChanged event. It occurs after insert, delete, clear, undo and redo operations.
Public eventTextChangedDelayed
TextChangedDelayed event. It occurs after insert, delete, clear, undo and redo operations. This event occurs with a delay relative to TextChanged, and fires only once.
Public eventTextChanging
TextChanging event. It occurs before insert, delete, clear, undo and redo operations.
Public eventToolTipNeeded
Occurs when mouse is moving over text and tooltip is needed
Public eventUndoRedoStateChanged
Occurs when undo/redo stack is changed
Public eventValidated (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventValidating (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventVisibleChanged (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventVisibleRangeChanged
VisibleRangeChanged event. It occurs after changing of visible range.
Public eventVisibleRangeChangedDelayed
VisibleRangeChangedDelayed event. It occurs after changing of visible range. This event occurs with a delay relative to VisibleRangeChanged, and fires only once.
Public eventVisualMarkerClick
It occurs when user click on VisualMarker.
Public eventWordWrapNeeded
Occurs when custom wordwrap is needed
Public eventZoomChanged
Occurs when component was zoomed
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