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Narcissic Pulse

Face the puzzles of the Narcissist, a mysterious school shooter who took the whole New San Francisco High School hostage. What are you willing to do to save your life?

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Not Another Platform Game

Assume the role of Silver and guide him through the ruins of Brodstock town, tormented by the war between Men and Machines. Take sides among the Fallens and the Steel Mallet and decide the faith of the city through dozens of levels full of puzzles and traps.

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Insane Decay of Mind

Lose yourself in a dark and crumbling nightmare by impersonating Katherine, a mysterious girl who is trapped in the ruins of the St. Anger Manor. Try to find out her past and guide her through the flashbacks that haunt the building.

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It's now available for free: the beta of our mathematical IDE! Develop your algorithms with our GoManga MathStudio IDE. MathStudio provides a very simple syntax for its commands making software development easyer than ever before!

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