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Insane Decay of Mind:
The Sound of Silence

Lose yourself in the nightmarish Katherine's world to discover the obscure secret that keeps her locked in the St. Anger Manor. Get ready to face the Shadows of your past in an absorbing psychological graphic adventure.


Two words: Gothic and Disturbing.

Live in first person Katherine's introspective journey, with the guide of her childish alter ego. On your way, the Shadows will attempt to obstacle your search of the truth, which will not always be pleasant to find out. Explore all the possible aspects of her contorted past.

Choose who you want to be.

You are going to choose who you want to be: carve Katherine's personality and face the consequences of your choices. Beware what you decide, because the game will adjust on the basis of that. We could say that, someway, you're the videogame's game.

Insane Decay of Mind:
The Labyrinth

Get ready to face the decadent sound of silence with the arcade spin-off. Help Katherine escaping her mind's labyrinth and unleash your insanity.

Available on Steam at 2.99$.

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